One’s retirement is another’s career opportunity: The map of the month shows where Germany will soon need new managers. The database is based on the birthdays of all new managing directors registered in the Commercial Register (HRB) since 2002. This was used to determine the proportion of companies in which all managing directors are over 60 years of age – so one can expect them to retire in the next few years. The map of the month December shows this phenomenon at the level of the three-digit postal code region throughout Germany. The range of shares is between „under 16%“ and „over 22%“: for relatively young companies (founded from 2002) or for female managers who were only appointed as female managers from 2002, the quite high rate is surprising. This means that at the time of their appointment 17 years ago, the managing directors must have been (already) at least 43 years old. However, the time is ripe for new managers in many companies.

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