Ganz gleich, ob Sie bereits in anderen europäischen Ländern agieren und Ihr Business dort optimieren wollen, oder ob Sie auf Basis bestmöglicher Datengrundlagen expandieren und neues Business planen möchten: Mit EasyMap ist beides möglich. Deshalb bieten wir für sämtliche europäischen Länder die erforderlichen digitalen Karten auf Postleitzahl-Ebene an.

Aktuell haben wir gesamt Europa sowie die gängigsten europäischen Wirtschaftsräume zu sehr attraktiven Kartenpaketen zusammengefasst. Gegenüber der Summe der Einzelpreise der Länder sparen Sie je nach Paket bis zu 90%.


Gesamtpaket aller europäischen Länder: 4.950 Euro*
Paket Westeuropa (29 Länder) oder Paket Osteuropa (27 Länder): jeweils 3.650 Euro*
Bundles BENELUX, DACH, IBERIA, SCAND oder UK & EIRE: Jeweils 1.850 Euro*

Natürlich können wir Ihnen für fast alle Länder auch zahlreiche Marktdaten anbieten, die Ihre Planungen deutlich aussagekräftiger machen können: Einwohner nach Alter/Geschlecht, Haushaltszahl, (Produkt-) Kaufkraft, Firmenzähler u.a.

Gerne beraten wir Sie persönlich unter (0228) 95 91-490.



* Alle Preisangaben netto zzgl. ges. MwSt., für PLZ-Karten, für die Verwendung in EasyMap, für Ein-Jahreslizenz, für bis zu 5 Nutzer.

No matter whether you already operate in other European countries and want to optimise your business there, or whether you want to expand and plan new business based on the best possible data basis: With EasyMap both is possible. That’s why we offer the necessary digital maps at postcode level for all European countries.

Currently we have combined all of Europe and the most common European economic areas into very attractive map packages. Compared to the sum of the individual prices of the countries you save up to 90% depending on the package.


Total package for all European countries: 4,950 Euro*.
Western Europe package (29 countries) or Eastern Europe package (27 countries): 3,650 euros each*.
Bundles BENELUX, DACH, IBERIA, SCAND or UK & EIRE: 1.850 Euro each*

Of course, we can also offer you numerous market data for almost all countries, which can make your planning much more meaningful: Population by age/gender, number of households, (product) purchasing power, company counter, etc.

We would be happy to advise you personally at +49 228 95 91-490.



* All prices net plus VAT, for postcode maps, for use in EasyMap, for one-year license, for up to 5 users.

Use the current situation for long-term effective activities. At the same time, you prepare yourself as well as possible for the time after the lockdown.

We now offer you personal EasyMap online training courses at a special price. These take place via a video conference service. The idea is that you answer individual EasyMap questions live and face to face with a trainer. The scope, duration, time, focus and content of your training can be individually defined in advance – from the EasyMap basic training, refresh or update training to the guided joint solution of very individual topics in EasyMap. We are looking forward to your individual training.

Price example for a 2-hour face-to-face video training: 220 € (net).

Mail-Request for individual workshop.

Of course, we will also advise you by phone on the subject of individual training: +49 228 95 91-490

Special times require special measures

Ladies and gentlemen, dear business partners and interested parties.

Today we will get in direct contact with you to show you that despite drastic cuts in private and professional life, things will naturally continue – and even have to go further. We have taken all measures to ensure that we can process inquiries and orders without restrictions even in the current situation – thanks to the digital age.

In any case, we continue to develop, expand and update our solutions for Location Technologies and Business Mapping and are available to answer your individual questions.

Our digital maps objectively document regional connections on the best data basis. This is why we have made our Corona Atlas available to the public. In this way we want to contribute to maximum transparency in the media information chaos.

Max Frisch said „Crisis is a productive state. You just have to take away the smack of catastrophe“. This state can be shaped. And we are happy to support you in this.

We are here for you. Right now. Stay healthy.

With best regards from Bonn,

Your team from Lutum + Tappert

Always stay up to date. The updated map bases for EasyMap are now available. The numerous changes in the territory structures are completely integrated, so you will be working on the latest version after installation.

For customers with a service subscription this is a service within the scope of your update and service agreement. For all others we offer attractive update conditions. Just ask us.

Customers with a service subscription can download the current maps in EasyMap 11.2 directly via the command Tools > Install Maps and Data. You can find a short instruction here. After installation, the maps are immediately available as a map basis in EasyMap. You can find further information on our support portal. Of course, our hotline is also there for you, by phone at +49 228 959 14 14 or by e-mail at

By the way: Do you also operate your business outside of Germany? We have just put together new map packages for all European countries. Just ask us!

Do you have any questions? We are happy to help you by e-mail or by phone at +49 228 959 14 14.

What is the regional distribution of the corona virus in Germany and where does it actually come from? On the new „knowledge portal for market and space“, the website, an interactive map has been published that shows both phenomena on a weekday basis.

The map contains all reported cases that can be regionalised and aggregates them at district level. Since not all cases can be localised so finely, there are naturally deviations in the sum of the cases from the figures of the Robert Koch Institute – which are only published at the much coarser level of the federal states. But even these deviations can be seen on the map published by As the map is updated every weekday, the user can call up a history since the first cases occurred, which also reflects the regional course of the disease.

More information and from there to the map

Directly to the interactive map in EasyMap Xplorer provides comprehensive information about data, analyses and systems that also process the factors space and time. The knowledge portal focuses on applications and benefits for companies, but also takes up aspects and questions from politics, science and the public sector in an interdisciplinary way. is an online journal with interdisciplinary experts as editors. is an information platform jointly operated by infas 360 GmbH and Lutum+Tappert GmbH. Both are companies of infas Holding AG.

One’s retirement is another’s career opportunity: The map of the month shows where Germany will soon need new managers. The database is based on the birthdays of all new managing directors registered in the Commercial Register (HRB) since 2002. This was used to determine the proportion of companies in which all managing directors are over 60 years of age – so one can expect them to retire in the next few years. The map of the month December shows this phenomenon at the level of the three-digit postal code region throughout Germany. The range of shares is between „under 16%“ and „over 22%“: for relatively young companies (founded from 2002) or for female managers who were only appointed as female managers from 2002, the quite high rate is surprising. This means that at the time of their appointment 17 years ago, the managing directors must have been (already) at least 43 years old. However, the time is ripe for new managers in many companies.

To the map in EasyMap Xplorer

How creative is Germany when it comes to naming roads? And in which regions are which parts of road names popular?

Just take a look at our interactive map of the month. By looking at some examples of street names, you can see how often they are used in your or any other region in Germany. Also on this map of the month you can see how versatile the application possibilities of Business Mapping are in principle and especially for EasyMap. A map simply says more than a thousand tables and data records.

Map of the month October

Until the end of November we offer you attractive special conditions for updating and expanding your EasyMap configuration.
Benefit from it:

50% discount on the current version update EasyMap 11.2.
(refers to the license in the first year).
Over 25% discount on a compact team training course
(for all EasyMap 11.2 users in your company).
10% discount on our new market data packages
(refers to the license list price for the first year).
Free ticket to our roadshow „The Future of Mapping“
(Berlin 12.11. and Hamburg 28.11., if seats are still available).

The map shows the online purchasing power for over-the-counter (OTC) medicines in Germany. As always, it is worth taking a closer look at WO where the purchasing power is actually how high. That varies considerably depending upon area.

On average, a household in Germany spends 20.83 € per month on OTC (Over The Counter) drugs. A study by infas 360 on the basis of more than 10,000 respondents on OTC purchasing power now distinguished for the first time between online and offline purchases. According to the survey, more than 25% of all OTC purchases are made online, 75% at real locations. This means that 3.40 euros per household and year are spent on OTC products nationwide via the Internet and 17.43 euros in traditional stationary pharmacies.

In addition, OTC spending varies greatly from region to region. infas 360 has also calculated this. By means of surveys and small area methods, the values were even estimated for the whole of Germany with exact addresses and can therefore be highly aggregated from the address level to any region at any time. For example, for all 5-digit postal codes.

How does it look in your or other regions?
Map of the month: OTC purchasing power in Germany

Data source: infas 360 GmbH, 2019.

If you are interested in this or numerous other industry and market data, please contact our team at